Responses to the Nov. 26 question:
Do you think having a Democratic president for a term and a half led to Republican gains in the midterm elections?

Republicans should not control Senate
I do not think the Republicans got in because of Obama. However, having a Republican-controlled Senate is a detriment to this country and it’s time the country woke up and realized how much trouble we’re going to be in. The Republicans have done nothing to move the country forward in the last eight years. I’m very disappointed.
— Islip

Responses to the Nov. 12 question:
Do you support a ban on plastic checkout bags in your town?

Plastic bag issue is complex
I grew up in a pre-plastic world, using glass, paper, metal and cardboard as the containers for food. Then came plastic, the new wonder of the world. We are inundated with plastic and we are spoiled, as well. What difference would stopping plastic checkout bags do when so much of our world is wrapped in plastic? Maybe we should all do our part to recycle. If the decision is to stop plastic checkout bags, what about the other shops we patronize? Should each one of them switch over to paper, too? Is the cost passed on to the consumer? It’s not so simple, is it?
— Holtsville

Plastic checkout bags are environmental dangers
I support a complete ban on plastic checkout bags in my community. They are environmental dangers. I have been using reusable bags for quite a while and I wash them in my washing machine periodically so they are clean and sanitary.
— Northport

People will need to buy plastic bags if banned
I don’t think they should ban plastic checkout bags because I would just have to buy them! I reuse them for my garbage.
— Port Jefferson Station

Question of the week:
Do you agree with the decision to reinstate
Ray Rice to the NFL?

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Published date: December 17, 2014


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