Responses to the July 2 question:
Do you agree with President Obama’s decision to send up to 300 military advisors to aid the Iraqi army?

Iraq decision too costly
I disagree with sending more people over to try to iron out problems in Iraq. First, it costs millions in taxpayers’ dollars to try to send any type of staff over there, as it has with any other country we have gotten involved with during Obama’s reign. Secondly, we have problems here to straighten out. We shouldn’t send people overseas to straighten out other people’s problems.
— Medford

Iraq doesn’t need more advisors
I disagree with President Obama’s decision to send more than 300 military advisors to the Iraqi army. There are more than 700 there already.
— Sound Beach

Responses to the June 25 question:
Would you support Hillary Clinton if she made a second bid for president?

No support for Hillary after Benghazi killings
I would definitely not support Hillary Clinton if she ran for President. She showed no initiative when it came to the Benghazi killings.
— Coram

No more Clintons in the White House
I would not vote for Hillary Clinton. She failed as the Secretary of State when it came to Benghazi and I don’t want another Clinton in the White House.
— North Massapequa

Responses to the June 18 question:
Do you agree with the U.S. trade that released Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl?

Agree with Sgt. Bergdahl decision
As an army nurse during the Korean War, I know what war can do to veterans. How dare those who have no war experience speak about the President’s judgment in releasing Sgt. Bergdahl. I agree that Sgt. Bergdahl should have been brought home. No military person should ever be left for terrorists to destroy.
— Oakdale

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has directed the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to implement enhanced security measures aimed at combating potential new threats from terrorists in the Middle East and Europe at select foreign airports operating direct flights to the U.S. The TSA has announced that U.S. air-bound travelers may now be asked to power up certain electronic devices, such as cell phones, during boarding screenings, to prove they work and are not explosive devices. Powerless devices will not be allowed onboard the aircraft and the traveler may then undergo additional screening.

Question of the week:
Do you feel safer with the TSA’s new policy that U.S.-bound air travelers
must turn on certain electronic devices during boarding screenings?

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Published date: July 23, 2014


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