Responses to the Oct. 8 question:
Do you support military action against ISIS?

We must stop ISIS
ISIS is pure evil. ISIS chops off the heads of innocent people and there is no rhyme or reason for their actions. The world must act.  Congress must declare war. The President must send American troops to Syria and Iraq. We as Americans must invade ISIS strongholds by land, sea and air. The United States must eradicate ISIS. Our democracy exists because America fights evildoers like ISIS. ISIS is a barbaric organization that does not uphold justice. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. As a lifelong Long Islander, I believe Americans have been quiet too long with regards to the subject of ISIS. We must act against these evildoers.
— Great Neck

U.S. needs to intervene with military action
I think ISIS is a threat and we need to intervene with military action.  One of the more disturbing trends tends to be “homegrown” American extremists.
— Greenlawn

Support for “boots on the ground”
I support “boots on the ground.” Obama will wait until ISIS murders many innocent men, women and children. Bombing hasn’t done anything. Our troops need to go in there and wipe them out. Too many of our men and women in the service would not have died in vain if he had done this.
— Ronkonkoma

ISIS is taking over the world
I do support military action against ISIS. They are an infectious disease that is taking over the world.
— Northport

Living together instead of getting married
What has the world come to when people think that it is okay to live together instead of getting married? Doesn’t anyone think of doing the right thing anymore? No wonder everyone has problems in their lives.
— Brentwood

Message to parents of teens who vandalized cars
I wish to address the parents of the teenagers who came out at night and virtually destroyed the paint on my car by egging it. It’s not even Halloween yet. It’s a total disgrace. I wasn’t the only one hit by the eggs; several of my neighbors were too. The parents should be responsible for any damages that the teenagers have done to the cars.
— Mastic

Question of the week:
Do you think the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Customs and Border Protection should have a more thorough screening process to check for signs of the Ebola virus on incoming U.S. travelers?

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Published date: October 29, 2014


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