Responses to the Nov. 5 question:
Do you think that vaccinations for certain childhood diseases should be mandatory?

Without vaccines, diseases could cause an epidemic
I believe that vaccinations for childhood diseases should be mandatory. As the mother of six children, and the grandmother of nine grandchildren, I believe that getting vaccines was best for all of us. Otherwise, these diseases could come back and cause an epidemic.
— Coram

Vaccinate for children’s well-being
All children should be inoculated against childhood diseases for their own well-being. An example of this is unvaccinated children reintroducing whooping cough to our schools this past year, which was a disease that was virtually nonexistent until now.
— Sound Beach

Vaccines are a public health issue
I think vaccinations for certain childhood diseases should be mandatory. These people do not have the right to ignore medical science and say they’re not going to get their children vaccinated. It’s a public health issue. No one person should be able to endanger others because they don’t either feel like getting the vaccination or they have a crazy reason why they don’t want to. In my day, if you didn’t bring your note from the doctor saying you had the vaccination, they would give you the shot right there and then.
— Syosset

Unvaccinated children can infect other children
I do believe certain childhood diseases should require a mandatory vaccination. One infected child can take down a multitude of children.
— Northport

Responses to the Oct. 29 question:
Do you think the Centers for Disease Control and Protection and U.S. Customs and Border Protection should have a more thorough screening process to check for signs of the Ebola virus on incoming U.S. travelers?

CDC is not protecting the public
I definitely don’t think the CDC is doing enough to protect the public. I think any of the people coming back from these countries where Ebola is rampant should be quarantined for 21 to 41 days. What’s going on in this country is just absolutely terrible.
— Mineola

Question of the week:
Do you think having a Democrat president for a term and a half led to Republican gains in the midterm elections?

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Published date: November 26, 2014


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