Too many commercials
There seems to always be a half hour of advertisements per hour-long show on TV, and 15 minutes per half-hour show. It is a pain in the neck to listen to these commercials over and over again.
— Smithtown

No more support for Democrats
I am a Democrat, but I can’t vote for Democrats as long as they continue to back President Obama. I may not like Republicans, but at least I know they stand for the rich. Obama is helping no one.
— Seaford

Sexism more evident in workplace
I feel that there is more sexism in the workplace on Long Island than there used to be. I heard a man at my job insult a woman, calling her horrible names, and no one stood up for her.
— Huntington

Help Americans first
It seems like our government is too busy helping Ukraine and other countries and not spending enough time helping Americans. Why are we always the last in line to get help from our own government?
— Massapequa

E-cigarettes are just as dangerous
Just because e-cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes does not make it okay that young people are using them. Companies are even making them flavored so kids will enjoy them.
— Plainview

Wall Street hasn’t learned
I guess Wall Street companies have forgotten about the Great Recession. They’re all rich again and giving out huge bonuses like they used to, while average Americans struggle.
— Stony Brook

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Published date: April 9, 2014


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