Responses to the August 27 question:
Do you agree that New York City is the unhappiest city in the country?

No reason NYC should be the unhappiest city
I don’t agree that New York City is the unhappiest city in the country. I don’t know why the study would say that. There’s no other city in America that offers so much and a lot of it is free. If you’re so unhappy, you should move.
— Sound Beach

Bad parenting is to blame for unhappiness
Unhappiness is not only a problem in New York City; it’s a problem all over the world. People who raise children today don’t have morals and they allow their children to run wild. That’s why we have so many problems with drugs and alcohol. I, for one, have five grandchildren and I know from experience that there’s always a problem when parents don’t keep an eye on their children.
— Lynbrook

Responses to the August 6 question:
Do you support a nationwide ban on indoor tanning for people younger than 18 years of age?

Increase taxes on indoor tanning
We need to ban indoor tanning for young people for the same reason that we ban cigarettes for young people: they think that they’re invincible and don’t realize the long-term health problems that their actions will cause. Skin cancer is more prevalent than lung cancer, so why wouldn’t we curb the harm caused by tanning with the same types of restrictions? I would take it one step further: increase the taxes on these types of businesses and use the newfound revenue to run advertising campaigns warning people of the dangers of tanning.
— Huntington

School speed zone cameras should always be on
From 6 a.m.-6 p.m., if you speed through a school zone, you will get a summons. Therefore, people will just speed afterwards. School speed zone cameras should be on all the time. Any person whose speed breaks the limit should get a summons.
— North Massapequa

School supplies are too expensive
School supply lists have been a huge financial burden on parents this year. The prices are outrageous and the efforts to find items on sale are exhausting. This forces parents to drive from store to store. Teachers are listing top brand names on most of the items and this adds to the budget for clothing as well. Something should be done to minimize these requests. Sending three children back to school is off-the-charts expensive today.
— Holtsville

Question of the week:
Do you feel that parents are being asked to subsidize supplies
that schools should be purchasing?

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Published date: September 17, 2014


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