Responses to the Oct. 1 question:
Do you believe Oscar Pistorius’ fatal shooting of his girlfriend was accidental or intentional?

Cell phone is key to Oscar Pistorius case
I say the shooting was intentional! He is as guilty as O.J. Simpson. The real question is: was that poor girl trying to get out of his house because she was being abused by a monster? Was she using her cell phone in the bathroom? The key to this is if she had her phone in the bathroom. I believe he was furious that she was calling someone else on Valentine’s Day.
— East Meadow

Oscar Pistorius meant to shoot girlfriend
I do believe the shooting was intentional. I caught the trial on BBC and after watching him, I am sure Oscar Pistorius is guilty of intentionally shooting his girlfriend.
— Stony Brook

Oscar Pistorius got away with murder
I believe Oscar Pistorius is guilty of murder. All he had to do was knock on the door and call police. Who sleeps with a gun under his pillow? He got away with murder because of who he is. If I were on a jury, I would have found him guilty. But, there’s no jury in South Africa; it was up to the judge.
— Valley Stream

Ticketed twice from cameras in Nassau County
I have already gotten two traffic tickets for this year from red light cameras and school zone cameras. I wonder how many more traffic tickets will be issued for people. The cameras seem to be all over Nassau County.
— Elmont

Red light cameras are not working correctly
With these red light cameras, I have seen people go through at 50 miles per hour and the cameras don’t flash; yet, I have also seen people go through at 28 miles per hour and get a summons that says they were going 44 miles per hour. I think people receiving these tickets should be exempt until the cameras are calibrated correctly.
— Wantagh

Question of the week:
Should drivers be told where speed zone cameras are
located in public school districts?

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Published date: October 22, 2014


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